Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who Decided?

As a human being, i fully believe that if given the ability to use your brain, in all situations, you should. An example, for instance, is the ability to spot errors or flaws or even contradictions. Well this is exactly what i live for doing. I feel that if there are to be a set of "rules" that we all must fallow, then we, as human beings, should also enjoy the right to know why and how these "rules" came to be. In cutting to the chase, ill go ahead and let you in on what i am talking about.

Marijuana vs. Alcohol.
There, i said it. I know most of you are thinking that this is just going to be another young kid talking about how one is better or worse than the other. Well the agle that i am taking is more along the lines of, "WHY one and not the other". Why, when alcohol kills so many people every day in many different ways, is it legal for of age Americans to buy, but something that has never had a fatalaty, is deemed "illigal". Who decided to make one poison out there for free will to take hold, and the other is restricted? I fail to understand why marijuana is percieved as such a negative thing, but those same people who find it negative will drink themselves to sleep and hope that by some chance they wake up the fallowing morning in lou of consuming too much. I understand just as well as the next person, that not everyone who drinks alchohol abuses it. But not everyone who smokes marijuana "smoke themselves stupid". It all comes down to choice. If alchol, commonly classified as a drug, is available for free will to use or abuse, then why not marijuana? This ultimately brings be back to my first original question, why one and not the other? Who decided wich was more dangerouse? Who decided that alcohol, though its used and abused in the worst way every day, gets to roam free in our veins if we so choose, but marijuana doesnt? I would like to know what test were done to prove that alcohol is the lesser evil. Because in all of my personal experiences, and there have been enough to back my inquisitions, things are just a tad bit backwards. Thats all for now. Please let me know if any of you are thinking the same way :)

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